QOV blue handblown crackled vase L

120.00 (Out of stock - Coming soon)


A mesmerizing yet stylish and functional vase that makes a great and eclectic addition to your home decor. Suitable for use as a vase or a jar.

All of our glassware is designed in Belgium by Hanne de Wyngaert and then handblown from recycled and re-purposed glass in Guatemala. We strive to provide economic opportunity and celebrate indigenous tradition to create beautiful and functional products.


  • QOV handblown crackled glass vase
  • Material: 100% recycled glass
  • color: blue
  • Technique: hand blown glass
  • Dimension: 30cm height x  12,5cm diameter
  • Handmade in Guatemala
  • Because all products are entirely made by hand, there will always be a slight difference in color and dimension.

Out of stock

For more info about orders, please e-mail us: orders@queondavos.eu.

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